Chesterton High School Summer School Program

Information about the DSC’s Upcoming Summer School 2023

Aiden Sweet, sandscript author

Aiden Sweet, Sandscript Author

Chesterton High School is proud to announce that students can now sign up and register for this year’s upcoming summer school. All summer school classes will be held at Chesterton High School and students will be expected to follow all of the school rules stated in the 2022-2023 Student Handbook. The summer school program has 81 hours of instruction and students need to attend all scheduled classes. 

It is recommended that students should not ask to be absent for camp or vacation time and students who are attending summer school will be subject to a 90% Attendance Policy, meaning students may not miss more than 6 blocks. A single school day during summer school has a total of 4 blocks and if you’re more than 15 minutes late to your class, you will be counted absent. Additionally, should a student accumulate four tardies it will count towards a first absence. When a student is tardy seven times (three more after the original four) that student receives another absence. The other tardy landmarks are nine tardies and ten tardies. Once a student reaches those numbers, they are given their third and fourth absences. During Summer School, no absences will be excused as stated in the Attendance Policy.

When it comes to classes during summer school, Duneland offers two options: Enrichment vs. Remediation. Remediation classes provide students with a Credit Recovery program called Edmentum. In order to make sure students graduate high school on time, they will need to attend summer school and try again to earn the credits in classes they did not pass during the school year. 

On the flip side, some of the students want an opportunity to get ahead in their classes. For those students, they can sign up for an enrichment class. Students can enroll in an enrichment class the summer before they would normally take that class at CHS. Some common enrichment classes during the summer are PE, Economics, and Government.

There will be a bus transportation limit this summer and pick-up locations and times will be determined by enrollment and geography. Parents can also check on Skyward for their child’s summer school bus info. Students should not be inside the building unless they are heading to class and the doors will be open at 7:15 a.m. at Entrance 1, the main office entrance. The cafeteria will be open during break time and takes cash only. The food must stay in the cafeteria, while restrooms are limited to the immediate area where activity is located: the A hallway bathrooms, bathrooms by the gym, as well as the restrooms near the cafeteria.

Students are not allowed to be in any other part of the building and only where classes are scheduled. Students are to also park on school property in the student parking areas and may not go to their cars during breaks either. Summer School is free for all students who are attending and parents can enroll their children in both sessions of summer school at a time. You can even check your registration in Skyward; no registration confirmation documents will be sent home. 

Students who are already enrolled in the Alternative School will be able to continue their classes during summer school and all students attending the summer school program are expected to complete all work by the end of each session in order to receive credit for the course they are enrolled in for summer school. Session one of the program is from June 6 – June 29 and Session two is from July 5 – July 27.