Charlie Johns Speaking Out On Road Construction Safety 

Chesterton Senior Going to Indianapolis This Summer

Ashley Drury, Sandscript Author

Road construction, we all know what it is and more than likely tend to get annoyed by the thought of it. However, people’s negligence when driving near road construction can have serious consequences.


That’s why Charlie Johns, a senior here at Chesterton High School, speaks out about the issue of road construction safety. Due to his father’s line of work in road construction, Johns has a lot of care and compassion for the safety of these workers.


“Well road construction safety is very important to me, because my dad works in the road construction business. And there’s just been a lot more accidents and traffic-related deaths, because people just speed through a work zone, and they just have no care because they are too busy to get somewhere,” Johns explains.


     Johns had the opportunity to speak to Senator Rodney Pol about a road construction safety bill that Pol is trying to pass.


“He reached out to me to say when it is, and it is over, I think he said in June it will be taking place and it’s about the bill hearing and I’ll be able to go down and like sit in on it and voice my opinions.”


     Johns has multiple ideas for how he wants to ensure safety within road work zones. These ideas include extra police as well as security cameras.


“Well, the bill I want to get passed is about putting either security cameras in work zones so it will catch drivers that are speeding, or have at least two or more state trooper police officers on the construction site as well.”


     Johns believes that if the bill is passed it will help increase the safety of the workers within road construction sites. Johns also wants to inform that it is not to watch over and monitor people but to help make work zones safer and lower accidents. Johns plans to voice his opinion this summer in hopes of getting the bill passed.