“A Night Under the Stars” Prom Made for a Dazzling Evening

Sequins has made its mark


Taken by: Mr. Jacob Lukach

Audrey White, Opinions Section Editor

Every year as the school year comes to a close, upperclassmen grow more and more enthusiastic for upcoming prom. This year’s prom theme was quite stellar with it being “A Night Under the Stars”.


Students had a fantastic time being around friends and dancing the night away. People were particularly eager to dress up wearing their fanciest attire and showing off during the Grand March.


At Duneland Falls Banquet & Meeting Center, students posed for numerous photos and could take home photo strips they took with friends and fun props. Students also enjoyed a catered meal of chicken, alfredo penne, mashed potatoes, and corn, as well as complimentary cookies and sparkling juice provided on the tables. 


Before the dance floor was flooded with students, the prom royalty was announced: Matticyn Gropper and Brent Gengnagel!


Gropper was excited to win prom royalty. 


“I was very happy to win prom royalty. The other winner, Brent, is a good friend of mine, so that was also an added bonus. I’ve done a lot this year, so winning prom royalty was the cherry on top of my high school career,” Gropper said. 


Prom royalty is determined by votes, and Gropper’s friends promoted her for the title on social media, allowing this occasion to hold a lot of meaning for her. 


“… I did not want it for the crown or the title, I did it for my younger self that was bullied every day about my appearance. I did it to show that with a strong mentality and confidence, anything is possible. And that the other competitors Erika Ekblaw, Zane Young, and Paige Kabicinski all looked gorgeous and were more than deserving of winning as well,” Gropper said.


Prom is a great time for students to come together outside of the school building and blow off steam with a giant party. People dress up in glamorous gowns or spruce tuxedos and celebrate friendships and the end of one’s high school career. 

“I felt good after winning royalty. It makes me happy knowing that people voted for me and wanted to see me win. My parents were very pleased…One more thing I’d like to add about royalty would be that I appreciate everyone who voted for me and I’m happy I get to finish off high school with the title of ‘Prom Royalty’,” Gengnagel said.


This year’s prom was a great success and will be cherished by students for years to come.