AI: Constantly Evolving and Shaping a Possibly Dangerous Future

With AI being able to create unimaginable art and convincingly replicate voices, it paints an unclear and possibly terrifying future.

Nathan Montoya, Editor of News

One of the most popular trends in recent pop culture is the act of using AI, or Artificial                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Intelligence to create vivid and sometimes incomprehensible images of certain things. Whether it’s photos of famous people in history but in modern day, the edges of the universe, or even food, one thing is always consistent, the images have an off feeling about them. The generated art always has something about it that makes it feel inhuman. In some cases when AI is used to generate images of a person, said person that is being replicated can look a little different than what they actually look like. Be it asymmetry in the face, an extra or missing finger, or sometimes just a feature that isn’t on the original person. Despite any differences, the images are still scarily realistic, and make people question how thin the boundary between reality and fiction is becoming. 

Perhaps even eerier, is the AI generation of voices, varying from former presidents, to famous rappers, or even social media influencers, it seems that anyone’s voice can be used. While in some cases it’s obvious to tell if the voice is generated, other times it can be incredibly realistic, and sometimes causing people to believe that the voice they are hearing is genuinely that person. The implications that this could have are honestly terrifying. Using someone’s voice to blackmail them on either a small or large scale can cause varying amounts of harm. Maybe it’s just a prank on a friend to make it sound like they said something they didn’t, or even going as far as using AI generated voices on powerful people and causing mass panic. Some students believe that the creation of AI is a mistake in and of itself, and to create a technology that imitates life degrades the human experience and the human life. 

Though, that doesn’t mean that AI is only dangerous, as it can be used in a positive way. While the art made can still feel off, it also produces images that are also completely unique, and possibly impossible to recreate. On top of that, another recent trend is using AI to combine two characters together, such as Batman and Iron Man and this creates a combination of the both. This usually shows us the best parts of both characters, but in one extremely cool character. 

One thing is for sure though, AI can be very dangerous, but it can also be used in a positive way, however it is unknown just how lifelike it can become in the coming years.