CHS Welcomes New Staff

Get to know our Duneland first years.

Mr. Drew Botel, CHS Social Studies Teacher

Reese Czarniecki, Sandscript Author

Mr. Drew Botel, CHS Social Studies Teacher

Drew Boetel

Geography/History of the World, US History

Before CHS: JV head boys basketball coach at Highland High School while finishing education degree and teaching 1 semester of a College & Careers class at Fegely Middle School in Portage.

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Northwest

Favorite Movie: The Sandlot

Favorite Sports Team: Los Angeles Lakers 

Advice for Students: Say “yes” to new opportunities even if they seem intimidating.

Ms. Laura Fortney, CHS FACS Teacher

Laura Fortney

Family and Consumer Science 

Before CHS: I was a stay at home mom for 5 years, before that I taught at Crown Point for 6 years.  

Education: I have a Bachelor’s of FACS Education from Indiana State University

Favorite Movie: Circle of Friends

Favorite Sports Team: The Cubs

Some Hobbies: I crochet. 

Advice for Students: Get involved with something you love. A sport, hobby, or club. 

Ms. Natalie Kaczmarski, CHS Math Teacher

Natalie Kaczmarski


Before CHS: I taught 2 years at Washington Township High School.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Middle/Secondary Education & Mathematics from Butler University

Favorite Movie: Stepping Out

Favorite Sports Team: Cubs

Some hobbies: Running, working out at OrangeTheory Fitness, spending time with family and friends

Advice for Students: Be positive and enjoy your time!


Ms. Kristina Walton, CHS Math Teacher

Kristina Walton

Geometry and Algebra

Before CHS: Before CHS I was a high school math teacher at Westville High School.

Education: I have two bachelor’s degrees, a masters degree, and I am currently working on my PhD.

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is Maleficent.

Favorite Sports Team: I am a DIE HARD Bears fan, but also love my Cubbies!

Some hobbies: I love to spend time with my daughter, spend time with my friends, and I am a huge reader!

Advice for Students: Don’t take things too seriously! High school flies by and there is so much more to life than just your 4 years here!

Mr. Jeff Hamstra, CHS Athletic Director

Jeff Hamstra

Athletic Director

Before CHS: I was the Assistant Athletic Director at Warsaw High School and previously taught math at Munster and Kankakee Valley

Education: I have a bachelor’s in mathematics education and a masters in building level administration

Favorite Movie: Hoosiers

Favorite Sports Team: Chesterton Trojans, Cubs, Indiana Hoosiers Basketball

Some Hobbies: Spending time with family

Advice for Students: Get involved in as much as you can. Always work hard, do your best, and listen to your teachers, parents and coaches. 


Mr. Alex Opat, CHS Speech Pathologist

Alex Opat

Speech-Language Pathologist

Before CHS: I was the SLP for Boone Grove Middle/Elementary School and Porter Lakes Elementary. 

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science from IU. A Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology from Indiana State University. 

Favorite Movie: Stick It

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Cubs

Some Hobbies: Reading, hiking, going to the gym

Advice for Students: Have fun, enjoy clubs/sports, try and get good grades. It’s all about balance. 


Ms. Andrea Orosz, CHS French Teacher

Andrea Orosz

French 2 and 3

Before CHS: This is my first year teaching, as I am a 2020 Indiana University Grad.

Education: I got my bachelor’s degree in French Education from IUB.

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is probably 7 Pounds, with Will Smith.

Favorite Sports Team: My favorite sports team is absolutely Da Chicago Bears.

Some hobbies: Some of my hobbies are traveling, going on adventures with my dogs, and listening to music.

Advice for Students: I am so grateful to have joined the CHS community. Mr. Martinson is not kidding when he says working hard and treating people with kindness are the keys to being successful in life. My classroom is a safe space for anybody, but I know we all love our students here. Therefore, do not ever hesitate to seek support or advice from myself or any of the other staff members in the building. As educators, seeing you students succeed is our greatest passion. 

Mr. Dan Smith, CHS Social Studies Teacher

Daniel Smith

AP Psychology, Geography 

Before CHS: I’ve done quite a bit.  I have taught overseas in Thailand, at both public and private high schools, at two different community colleges, and at a university.  Last year, I taught at a charter school in Gary.  

Education: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I received my teaching degree from Winston-Salem State University, and I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  

Favorite Movie: “Memento” – it was Christopher Nolan’s first mainstream movie and is, arguably, one of the most well thought out movies of all time.  

Favorite Sports Team: UNC / North Carolina Tarheels, the Chicago Cubs, and the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team

Some Hobbies: I enjoy almost every sport (playing and watching), I love anything related to Psychology, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I enjoy being involved in my church, I enjoy lifting weights, I enjoy movies and Broadway shows, and I love anything Disney related.  

Advice for Students: Truly cherish and enjoy your life.  Life is a gift, and we all have been given unbelievable talents.  Put others first, find your passion, and use your talents to do mighty things in this world!

Mrs. Emily Fletcher, WDSO (CHS Radio Station) Director
Mrs. Michelle Hufford, CHS Math Teacher

Michelle Hufford

Algebra 2, Algebra 1 Intensive

Before CHS: When I graduated college I moved to Canton, Ohio with my husband and lived there for 5 years while teaching math at Field High School. We then moved to Reno, Nevada for 2 years where I taught math at Innovations High School and we then moved to Indiana this summer. 

Education: I have my Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Math Education and Master’s degree in Curriculum both from The University of Kentucky.

Favorite Movie: I have no idea what my favorite movie is, but I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve read the books so many times, I lost track and I have a Harry Potter themed tattoo. 

Favorite Sports Team: My favorite sports team is the Cincinnati Bengals followed closely by the Detroit Lions (sorry Bears’ fans).

Some Hobbies: My hobbies include skiing, reading, jazzercising (I’m a Jazzercise instructor), playing cornhole (or bags as people here call it), and spending time with my husband.

Advice for Students: Find a group of friends that make you feel comfortable and able to be yourself. Always do your best but remember to have fun and enjoy your time in high school while you’re here, it goes by faster than you realize. 


Mrs. Heidi Hennigar, CHS Assistant Principal

Heidi Hennigar


Before CHS: Taught Kindergarten, First Grade, was Dean of Students at Westchester.

Education: I got my bachelor’s from Purdue, and my Masters in Educational Administration from Purdue.

Favorite Movie: Probably the Lord of the Rings trilogy (can’t pick just one).

Favorite Sports Team: I don’t really have one team that I follow. I’ll watch any game, live, and enjoy myself, but I don’t watch sports on tv.

Some Hobbies: My hobbies mainly involve doing things with my family– we love to camp, go hiking, have family movie nights, etc. My kids are still little (8 and 10), so Mr. Hennigar and I want to spend time with them as long as they enjoy spending time with us!

Advice for Students: Don’t ignore problems or let yourself get overwhelmed with school work. The teachers WANT to work with you and help you, if you show a solid effort.

Mr. Douglas Adams, CHS Guidance Counselor

Doug Adams

Freshman School Counselor for L-Z

Before CHS: I worked as a middle school counselor for nine years at CMS, and was a high school counselor at Frankfort HS and Noblesville HS prior to that. I also taught high school Math for three years before I was a counselor.

Education: I earned my Bachelor’s in Mathematics with a minor in Business Administration from Butler University, and my Master’s in School Counseling from Butler as well. I am currently taking classes towards my LMHC certification, also through Butler.

Favorite Movie: If I am being honest, it is Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Cubs and Butler Men’s Basketball.

Some hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my wife & three children, visiting my sister, cooking, running, bowling, listening to music, attending concerts & sporting events, going to the Indiana Dunes National Park, and exploring Chicago!

Advice for Students: Take care of yourself! Make sure you are doing proactive things to help balance your mind, body, and spirit. It is okay to say “I’m not okay” and ask for help. We are all in this together.

Mr. Tommy Berry, Former CHS Math Teacher and New Assistant Athletic Director
Zack Manoski, CHS Math Teacher

Zach Manoski


Before CHS: I was an Operating Engineer in the Local 150 Union and decided to go back to school in 2015.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a focus in Education.

Favorite Movie: It is a tie between Interstellar and Good Will Hunting; and then there is a 20-way tie for my second favorite movie but I won’t list all of those.

Favorite Sports Team: DA BEARS!

Some hobbies: I like to golf when I have time.  Also, I love having get-togethers and cookouts and playing “yard games,” if that counts as a hobby.

Advice for Students: Make sure to find a balance in your life that works best for you.  Working hard is great and necessary in order to accomplish goals that we are passionate about.  However, life is short; so make sure you always make time for fun.  Enjoy your life, be happy and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

Jack Wallar (NO PHOTO)

Mild Interventions (Math Department)

Before CHS: Student athlete at Carthage College, Swim Coach and Lifeguard

Education: B.A. degree: Instruction for exceptional sports

Favorite Movie: Interstellar

Favorite Sports Team: Cubs

Advice for Students: Your life is proof of a miracle. You are all a gift from God. From the very moment you woke up there was beauty all around you. Boredom from your routine is a creation of the mind. Realizing that beauty is everywhere is possible; it just needs a different perspective. When you begin to open your heart, you accept life as it is. It’s a matter of forgiving yourself and others. My advice to you all is to be present and aware. Surrender to this moment, take a breathe, and your hearts will begin to open up.