WDSO an Unknown Treasure for Most Students

Lost art of broadcasting needs appreciation


William Rinker

Two students deliver the 10 a.m. news

William Rinker, Sandscript Author

“The Rock of Chesterton”, as it’s been called since 1976 has been experiencing a great decline in student interest over time. Whether this is due to increasingly more convenient forms of media, or the growing vulgarity of music, WDSO 88.3 FM has filled cars and homes with local news and musical classics far too long to be forgotten. Managed by CHS students, WDSO creates a homey aura for the listener by bringing you up to date on state and local news, as well as giving a medium for students to share their playlists with the region. 


My first two years here at CHS, I was not only uninterested by WDSO, I was completely unaware of its existence. It was only when I was introduced to the station by some friends when I started to appreciate the art of broadcasting. I’ll never forget how strangely nervous I was to read the news on air for the first time. The thought of my voice being heard all throughout town was very exciting. Since then, I’ve helped host radio hours with several people, the Tuesday 3:00 PM in particular, where Charlie Byrd and myself play timeless classics from past decades. 


2021 WDSO director Drew Malpanes takes great joy in being a disk jockey. She’s been involved with the station for several years now. As a student leader, her responsibilities include managing the logs, scheduling shows, and overseeing the other students broadcasts. 

“Radio really is a great activity to get involved with, it feels like a tight little community, we’re all friends, and it’s a great overall environment.”

One of Drew’s favorite bands is an all female group from the 90s called “Bikini Kill”, and especially their song “Jigsaw Youth”


New CHS and WDSO Operations Manager and radio enthusiast Emily Fletcher gave some insight on the program, 

“The station has been running since the mid-seventies, 44 years. We currently have around 20 DJs that come in and out throughout the day.”

 Fletcher has held this position since last September and is excited for the future of the station. 

“I became interested in radio when I was in High School and decided to continue on. I really enjoy listening to music.” 

Fletcher enjoys the Beastie Boys, especially their 1986 classic “Posse in Effect”.


So the next time you’re driving home, turn the dial over to 88.3 FM. The connection you make with the DJ may inspire you to give that student props next time you see them in the hallway, and that’s the purpose. You may even become interested in the art yourself, and decide to add radio to your schedule next year. Regardless, WDSO’s 44 years of entertainment to the community deserves more praise than it gets, and it should never be forgotten.