Spring Break

Gabrielle Rose, Sandscript Author

  Since many people have not received the COVID-19 vaccine, Spring Break 2021 could be the perfect superspreader event to ruin things right when they look promising. Some people are going places anyways, and some are staying home, too scared to go anywhere because of the still ongoing pandemic. Many people are tired of staying home and watching Netflix, and want to get out this spring, but face consequences. Some universities, like Ohio State and State University of New York, have even canceled Spring Break to avoid infections. Some colleges are even giving students money to skip spring break. Ohio State is providing $1.4 million in student support.

“I feel like if your safe about it then you should be okay, but if your not wearing a mask, or washing your hands, or even keeping a 6 feet distance from people, you shouldn’t be around people” says freshman Valparaiso High School student, Alex Rahall. 

     Many people are concerned about spring break, because in certain places, you have to get a covid vaccine to travel. Some people think it’s necessary to get the vaccine to keep yourself and others safe, while others don’t want to get it because they are scared of what the side effects may be.  However, vaccine or not, most students are going to find a way to enjoy this break regardless.

     “I think it’s nice that we get a spring break. I’m not really doing anything, but it’ll be nice to get a week off of school. School wears me down, so it’s always nice to have a break every once in a while” says freshman CHS student, Hadley Wild. 

     Many students have been waiting since Christmas time for any type of extended vacation from school. Whether it’s because of stress, anxiety, boredom, or even just being too tired to do anything, Spring Break gives people days to just sleep-in or chill, or days to go on vacation, hang out with friends, or even go out to parties. Have a safe, smart, and relaxing break CHS!