Byrd takes Flight for Chesterton Police

CPD appoints new Interim Chief after form Interim steps down

Grae Stockhausen, Sandscript Author

Robert Byrd has stepped up to take the title of the interim police chief of the Chesterton Police Dept., as the former police chief and assistant police chief stepped down as an internal investigation goes on in the department. The allegations are being kept between the police department and the investigation services. Byrd was unaware that the allegations had provoked Nick Brown, the previous interim police chief, to step down. 

On February 15, town officials were alerted of this incident, and on February 18, the town council and police commission sat down in an executive session to discuss the misconduct and previous job performance of the individual. The investigation is currently underway and results will be released to the public once concluded. 

Byrd is only a temporary replacement to the previous police chief, the job spot is currently open. The contract he currently is under is for 60 days of work, with a 30-day renewal option. If interested in becoming the police chief, please visit this link: