The 40 Day Season Known As Lent


Chloe Clendenin, Author

Lent is a 40 day season of fasting and prayer that begins on Ash Wednesday (February 17th) and ends at sundown on Holy Thursday (April 1st), 3 days before Easter which is Sunday, April 4th. Many know the Lent tradition as fasting and abstaining from red meat on Fridays. However, while that is true, there is much more to the tradition than that. 

Lent is typically practiced by Orthodox Christians, Catholics, and some Protestants. This 40 day season is celebrated differently among different religions. Lent is celebrated and practiced by fasting from food and certain lifestyle choices. Christians replicate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and withdrawal in the desert by giving up certain luxuries, hobbies, bad habits, foods, etc; this is commonly known as Lenten sacrifice. Catholics celebrate by abstaining from red or white meat. Catholics under 14 and older than 65 don’t have to fast. 

While this is a time of fasting, prayer, and reconciling with the lord, many use this as a time to change themselves, to try something new, or practice self-control through fasting. . The stereotype and common idea of fasting for Lent include cutting snacks, fast food, meat, alcohol, coffee, soda, and chocolate out of your daily lifestyle. As of recently, many people try to do an act of kindness in place of cutting out a certain food or drink. 

Junior Olivia Jaworski says “One year I tried to spend more time reading, but the other year I gave up all processed sugars so I tried to either include something beneficial or give up a food item.” 

Many people also give up more materialistic or bad habits out of their daily routine like getting rid of social media, streaming services, video games, swear words, makeup, gossiping, skipping workouts, or they focus on good sleeping habits.