Celebration of The 50th Anniversary of The Shamrock Shake

People rejoice over the return of the seasonal favorite

William Rinker, Sandscript Author

1970. The Vietnam War and The Summer of love created a mess of political turbulence. Man had just been to the moon, The Beatles broke up, and Sanford and Son was on every channel. It would be an understatement to say that the world was at conflict with itself. Thankfully, humanity was rescued by an unlikely savior, McDonalds. Upon the arrival of the spring of 1970, McDonalds decided to roll out a St. Patricks Day special which they coined, “The Shamrock Shake.” This masterpiece is constructed from an everyday vanilla shake, but mixed with a memorable and equally delicious mint flavoring. 


Upon first taste, you’re immediately overcome by an artificial peppermint induced state of euphoria. The alluring green aura of the treat brings in the consumer, in a way that’s almost coy. The shake is only available in Canada, Ireland, and The United States. While it has critics, people from all backgrounds anticipate its return every year. Drew Malapanes, a senior at CHS, is less than a fan of the treat, 


“I don’t like mint, so I don’t like them. I tasted one about 5 years ago, and it was just as bad as I thought it would be,”  Malapanes said.


Thankfully Drew is in the minority. And even more thankfully, CHS is full of seasonal enjoyers like senior Charlie Byrd, who claims to have gotten one everyday since they’ve returned. 


“They’ve got a certain charm,” Byrd stated “They’re a bit expensive, but if you were to spread the cost throughout the entire year it would only be about $0.25 a day.”  


“I really like them,” says junior Avery Griffin, “They’re great, but I don’t think that’s what a shamrock actually tastes like.”


No matter how you view the flavor, if you find the color appealing, or if $2.75 for a medium is too expensive, the shake is widely celebrated, and reasonably so. The cultural impact that it has left is one of great significance, and this being the 50th anniversary, The Sandscript found it necessary to find a common bond among the student base (and we have). Sadly, McDonalds will no longer offer the treat as of March 18th, so if you were late to the party, you will have to celebrate the 51st anniversary next year!