Girls Tennis is Starting Up!

Gigi Hanner

Last season, the girls tennis team was unable to have any kind of season at all with the breakout of Covid-19. In the wake of that disheartening event, many of the players are ready to get going.

Putting that behind them, sophomore Gretta Burke is excited for what’s to come this year, 

“As a team, I just hope we have a lot of fun. Not having a season last year was really detrimental to the team as a whole, and I hope everyone bonds and feels included,” she began,  

“It was really sad when last year was canceled, but the wait has made a lot of excitement build up. There won’t be the usual pasta parties and Dunkin’ runs. Everyone is making the best of it though!” Burke stated.

Fellow sophomore Aubrey Isakson agrees with Burke’s remarks, but also made note of the youth of this team.  Because nobody had a season last year, even the sophomores on this team could be considered “freshman”, making the contributing members of this team very inexperienced. 

“This is my first high school season, and the same goes for freshman and all sophomores. I don’t think this is going to hold us back because we are a pretty young team. We are hard at work and I don’t see it changing any time soon.” Isakson said.

All of the girls are excited for the opportunity to play, but are also aware of any remaining restrictions or protocols. 

“Tennis is a lucky sport, and we do not have many restrictions. We are able to be distant and still play the sport. Masks are worn when we are together as a team, but other than that, tennis is back in full swing!” Isakson concluded.

It is safe to say that anticipation for girls tennis is high, and every player, both new and experienced, is ready to go out there and have a successful season.

The first match of the season will be April 10th at the Logansport Tournament, and we wish the girls good luck and an excellent season!