Boys Baseball is back!

Gigi Hanner

After a year-long wait, the CHS baseball team started their season last Friday, April 2nd, in Vincennes, Indiana as part of the McDonald’s Double Play Tournament. After being robbed of a season like so many other athletes, the baseball team is anxious to have a full season, and are hoping to win as many games as possible. The 2020 season across all of baseball was disappointing to fans, players, and coaches alike. Expectations going into this season are sky-high, and players that didn’t get a chance last year are hoping to make the very best out of every game.

The rosters for the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman teams have been announced, and the season is finally starting up. The Varsity roster has mostly juniors and seniors, so there is some experience going in, and the sophomores and freshmen on the rosters are essentially in the same boat, as neither of those grades has played high school ball yet. For the sophomores, losing that first season means that there is more for them to prove, and more progress to make than a sophomore would normally face. But so far, the boys aren’t letting all the negativity and strange circumstances slow them down.

The Trojans started the season off strong in Vincennes, but unfortunately dropped the opener 11-1. In the second game, junior Trevor Donley tied up the game, and junior Ryan Donley scored the game-winning hit.

Anticipation is high among all the athletes, who are ready to work hard and succeed, from the first tournament on Friday to sectionals on May 28th. 

Ryan Donley is excited for the chance to play, “I feel pretty confident about our upcoming season, we’ve had a good month of season practice and I think that will pay off in games,” As for the rest of the team, “We are all very excited, we have been practicing since October. I definitely feel more excitement with the team, we just wanna make the fans happy since they didn’t see us play last year,”

And in a direct message to the fans, Donley says: “Show out to the games!”

The boys play again Monday, April 19th, at home against Merrillville at 4:30.