2021 Senior Prom Set in Motion

After last years prom was cancelled due to Covid, Chesterton has been approved by the health department to have a senior prom on May 1st

Chloe Clendenin, Author

This year, Duneland School Corporation has decided to hold a 2021 Senior Prom after all. The decision was approved by the superintendent, Dr. Chip Pettit. They were unsure of the reaction from the health department, however, the health department was extremely helpful and optimistic that a prom could happen, as long as Covid regulations and rules were followed. The Chesterton High School 2021 prom will be held at Duneland Falls in Chesterton on Saturday, May 1st, 7-11 pm. 

This year’s prom will look slightly different than previous years due to Covid restrictions and a limited number of students allowed to attend. With that being said, CHS will make the prom a senior-only event, with juniors allowed to attend, only if they are invited by a senior. The Porter County Health Department has also put a restriction on the number of guests allowed to attend, therefore, only 500 tickets were available for sale, and no more than 500. 

Tickets are sold only online and are $40 per person. Tickets will be on sale from April 1st – the 23rd only. Refunds will only be given if the event is canceled per the recommendation of the Porter County Health Department, or if the attendee tests positive or is a close contact for COVID-19

As far as the actual event itself goes, mask-wearing is mandatory for all guests at all times. Principal Mr. Blumenthal states, “This year’s prom will be smaller and dinner will be a buffet, but served by the staff at Duneland Falls, instead of the students. Other than that, the COVID regulations are the biggest change.” 

For the 2021 class, this is very exciting news. Last year, the prom was canceled due to the Covid pandemic, and many 2020 students missed the exciting opportunity to go to prom. Prom is a very important high school experience for most students. Prom is a chance to showcase their best style alongside their significant other or friends. Prom is also an important event that gives students an opportunity to socialize, dance and make memories of one of their last high school experiences. 

With the Covid pandemic ongoing for the past year, a lot of students lost other opportunities, and their lives have changed. With most aspects of school being online, many students have lost social skills and don’t get to socialize in person with other students. By holding a prom, students will finally get a chance to attend a school event and socialize with others. Since prom is going to be the first big school event since Covid hit, hopefully, it will give a feeling of hope that things are starting to return to normal aside from mask-wearing. 

“I’m relieved! If the restrictions were too severe we wouldn’t be going through with the dance. We wanted the prom to be as close as possible to how things used to be, but with all of the additional restrictions due to the pandemic, but if the students couldn’t actually dance, then it’s possible that we would have planned another event instead of this one,”  Blumenthal finished.