Teacher Appreciation Week Is In Full Swing

Miranda Miller, Sandscript Author

Since 1984, the first full week of May has been dedicated to celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week.  Teacher Appreciation Week is a week to thank and show appreciation for teachers.  This year, between May 3 and May 7, schools are encouraging their students to acknowledge the hard work their teachers have done.  Through the pandemic, teachers have had to work through quarantine and adapting their teaching environment so that all students are able to safely learn.   Teachers work hard every day to ensure that each of their students have the ability to learn and because of this they are able to pursue their academic goals.  

Students are able to show their appreciation in many different ways.  Some students choose to purchase gifts for their teachers that are things they enjoy.  Other students create a card for their teachers, writing a message of thankfulness and appreciation.  And other students show their appreciation through verbal affirmations, sharing how thankful they are for their teachers’ hard work and how great they are doing.  No matter how you choose to celebrate this week, make sure to thank your teachers for all the amazing things they have done and accomplished, especially through this past year during the pandemic.