CHS Seniors Announce Future Career and Education Plans at “Decision Day”

Seniors were rewarded with snacks and swag to celebrate their plans


William Rinker, Sandscript Author

Last Friday, seniors were provided with the opportunity to celebrate their progress as students and their plans for after high school with a delightful jamboree of snacks and photo ops. Each senior was given an opportunity to take a photo holding a certificate that expressed their plans as future adults. Among these were many students who stated that they plan to attend a university, study a vocation, join the armed services, or jump right ahead into the workforce. 


To commemorate each student’s decision, they were then given an assortment of beverages and cookies, as well as a 2021 graduation yard sign, and a free ice cream voucher, which they were able to redeem at the ice cream truck parked outside the school. These festivities were well enjoyed by all members of the 2021 class, and pictures of the event were posted thoroughly throughout the students’ social media. 


Mrs. Roytan, who is a counselor at CHS, spoke to The Sandscript about the event and answered some of our questions. 

“We plan on doing this event every year, with this being our first and it being so successful” she stated. “We were very lucky to receive sponsorships and donations from local business and foundations.” So if you are an underclassman, do not fear! You will be able to enjoy this experience in the years to come.


Mrs. Roytan also made it clear that the photos taken at the event will be uploaded to The Chesterton High School Counseling Facebook page sometime this week. We at The Sandscript in conjunction with The Duneland Administration would like to extend our gratitude to Daydreams and Ice Cream, The Duneland Exchange, Chesterton Kiwanis Club, The Chesterton-Porter Rotary Club, Family Express, and The Local Chapter of The FOP for making this event possible.