Here We Go Again!, CHS Mamma Mia Production


Mamma Mia Rehearsal

Grae Stockhausen

Miss Morris, the choral director of the CHS music department, normally puts on a musical every year that allows students to live their favourite Broadway shows. Last year, the show was unable to be put on as the COVID lockdown restricted school activities. Thankfully this year, the musical was permitted with standard requirements, masks, and social distancing. Morris commented on how they will be performing with masks,

There have been so many challenges this year with COVID but the administration has been extremely supportive in helping us make things like this possible. Our performers will be masked at all times and the audience will be masked and will have a limited capacity. Modified opportunities are still exciting and allow kids to thrive, which is why we do all of the extra COVID work,” she said.

The musical’s plot will be near similar to the movie’s, though some accommodations will be made because there is no way to add special effects in and the like. It will be a musical still, the actors and actresses will still be singing but through masks. Mamma Mia is about a mother who is preparing for her child’s wedding, but her kid, Sophie, sent out invitations to her three possible fathers without the mother, Donna, knowing. Hannah Geiser, who plays Sophie Sheridan, shares some words about the production,

“Singing with masks is definitely a challenge, but everyone has done an outstanding job overcoming this challenge! The difference between this year and previous years is that we have had way less time to put this show together. Having a little less than a month to make this show possible, but I couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s hard work! I am extremely happy about playing the lead, Sophie, she is such a fun character to play and I’m so excited for everyone to see the show!”

The performances will be during May 7th at 7:00 pm, May 8th at 2:00pm and 7:00pm, and even May 9th at 2:00pm, so you can bring your mother for Mother’s Day. Online ticket purchase prices are $11 Adult/$7 Students & Seniors.  Tickets will ONLY be sold at the door pending availability on a show by show basis and will cost $1 more ($12/$8). 

The link to purchase tickets is: