Executive Order to The FDA Bans Menthol Cigarette Sales In The U.S.

Duality of governmental restrictions appear more and more absurd

William Rinker, Sandscript Author


With the initial ban to all flavored cigarettes in 2008, to the limitations put on tobacco access in 2016, the U.S. has been trying exceedingly hard to reduce the number of smoking citizens. This now proposed bill from the Biden administration will eliminate the sale of menthol flavored cigarettes, as well as flavored cigars, such as Swisher Sweets and Backwoods. The bill cites the statistic that Black Americans are far more likely to purchase these products, with 85 percent of black smokers choosing to reach for menthols, while other smokers on average smoke them 25 percent of the time.


Opponents of the bill explain that this is a clear over-reach of the government, and many ask the question, “Shouldn’t African Americans be able to decide for themselves if they want to smoke?” However, it is impossible to ignore the predatory advertising that exists within low income communities targeting these groups. 


Another argument for the bill is that children are more likely to buy flavored tobacco, due to the smoother quality and “friendly flavors” of some cigars. Additionally, the bill explains that the cool sensation provided from menthol allows for a deeper inhale, which is far unhealthier, but in 2019, the FDA found this to be inconclusive. This also begs the question, wouldn’t flavored alcoholic beverages appeal to children? Companies such as Svedka and White Claw are known for their flavored liquor and spirits, yet the government does not see a need to reduce the availability of these products, even though underaged alcohol consumption is a relatively higher risk to public safety and is responsible for a higher rate of juvenile fatality.  


With Biden being the figurehead of the democratic party, it seems peculiar that such bold moves are being made to reduce personal freedoms, especially since the vast majority of his voters are staunch legalization advocates. Currently, there are 47 democrats in the senate that support complete deschedulaization of marijuana in the United States, yet there is no talk into the negative impacts that this will have on the same communities that Biden is trying to protect. Scientifically speaking, marijuana produces as much as 5 times the tar of tobacco, and delivers a much more intense high at a much higher price and a similar addiction rate. Furthermore, what has this administration done to purge the deadly drugs that pour into our country, such as heroin and fentanyl? Reasonably speaking, under this bill it would be a magnitude less difficult for an 18 year old to purchase these hard drugs than it would be a package of Newports.


Americans should not need a parental government to tell them how to live their lives. It is no secret that smoking causes cancer, is addictive, and tobacco companies are milking their customers for every penny until they eventually kill them. This contradictory nature of our elected officials is puzzling to American citizens. However, in the land of the free, you should be able to recognize these dangers for yourself, and assuming you’re of legal age, do as you wish.