Teacher Retiree Series 2021: Ms. Dailey

45 year education veteran set to say Goodbye

Kylie Campbell, Sandscript Author

     As the school year winds down and we get closer to that finish line, we here at the Sandscript want to take the opportunity to send some appreciation to a very specific group of teachers and staff members here at CHS.  At the end of this school year, CHS will have 8 staff members hang up their glasses and pencils, and put those books in storage, as they prepare to retire.  We wanted to give each retiree their own spotlight, so we asked each staff member a series of questions to give their final goodbyes.  Up first is guidance counselor Ms. Dailey:

How long have you done what you do?

I’ve been an educator for 45 years,  21 years as a special education teacher and 24 years as a school counselor.


Will you stay around the area or will you be moving?

I plan on staying in Northwest Indiana where my family and friends are.


What are your plans for retirement?

I haven’t made any specific plans for retirement.  I hope to be able to travel soon.  I will do volunteer work with my church.


Do you have any words of wisdom, advice, or closing message to students?

 For students, I would say try to keep things in perspective and believe in yourself. Often what seems like a crisis has a solution and usually, you can handle it.


Do you have any words of wisdom, advice, or closing message to Staff?

For staff, remember why you got into this business and the gifts you bring to this.  That’s why you’re here. Someone needs what you have to give