Science Teacher, Mr. Neuliep is Retiring

Science Teacher, Mr. Neuliep is Retiring

Chloe Clendenin, Author

The Duneland School Corporation honored 26 retiring teachers and staff members at a reception last Thursday, May 20th at CHS. This year, CHS will have 8 teachers and staff members retire after many years of teaching, and after a specifically long past 2 years. 

The Sandscript has decided to further honor and recognize the retiring teachers and staff members by writing a designated article for them. We interviewed multiple teachers, and one of them is CHS science teacher, Jack Neuliep. 


Chesterton High School science teacher, Jack Neuliep, is retiring after 24 years of teaching at Chesterton. While he has spent almost half of his teaching career at Chesterton High School, he has taught science for a total of 44 years. 

His plans for retirement don’t include travel but instead include some bucket-list activities that he most likely didn’t have time for while teaching. Mr. Neuliep is planning on exercising, woodworking, camping, stained glass work, and gardening. 


How long have you been a science teacher? 


“44 years”


Will you stay around the area or will you be moving? 




What are your plans for retirement? 


“Exercise, Woodworking, Camping, Stained Glass Work, Gardening.”


Do you have any words of wisdom, advice, or closing message to students?


“Let reason, ethics and thoughtfulness be your guide as you move forward.”


Do you have any words of wisdom, advice, or closing message to staff?


“I wish all staff well, as they pursue a very challenging career (occupation) ahead. “


What is your most favorable memory from teaching at CHS?


“Working with the original cast of teachers at the old high school where I taught for my first three years at Chesterton. “


How has your outlook or perspective changed since you first started teaching? 


“As a teacher of science a reasonable and a thoughtful approach to interpreting the world around us has always been a central theme. However, now I am  fearful for our country, as a large segment of our population has embraced an anti-fact, anti reason, and a power expedient approach to being citizens or shall I say anti-citizens.”