Welcome Back CHS Students!

Welcome Back CHS Students!

Saanya Agarwal, Co-Editor in Chief

It’s official! Chesterton High School opened its doors to old and new faces this past Wednesday. Numerous students even returned after over a year of completely virtual learning. 

“I’m happy to be back in school with everybody after this past year of being at home,” sophomore Teagan Wheeling said. “It’s refreshing to see new and familiar faces in the halls. I’m hoping for a healthy year for everyone!”

Although masks are currently recommended in school, few people sport them. This allows a dash of normal to return for the upcoming school year. However, certain students and teachers look quite peculiar from how people imagined them to appear under the mask. Nonetheless, it is completely okay to utilize masks if you feel more comfortable that way. Straying away from the majority can be terrifying, but it is important to do so if it is reassuring and safe for you.

In addition to the incoming freshman, specific sophomores are experiencing their first real taste of high school. Some seem to feel lost or slightly fearful of this new environment. After asking multiple juniors and seniors, several of them gave similar advice:

  • New underclassmen should remember to walk on the right side of the hallway at a decent pace. Upperclassmen do not tend to appreciate walking behind extremely slow freshmen. 
  • It may seem scary to ask for directions, but any teacher can lead you to the right class with ease. It’s better to ask for their help than walk aimlessly around the school and be late to class. 
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions in class. You may end up helping a student who’s too scared to ask the same thing.

Meeting people was extremely difficult in the virtual setting, but now it can be even harder for students after staying at home for so long. Some students have become so adjusted to not socializing with others, causing them to have become extremely shy in class. Furthermore, teachers seem to remember students’ names but cannot always recognize their faces. This has put a dent in various teacher and student relationships.

“A lot of my incoming freshmen are severely lacking social skills because they haven’t been in a social environment for almost two years,” Mr. McCoy remarks. “I essentially have incoming seventh graders that are very behind and am working very hard to catch them up.”

Moreover, the class of 2022 are now seniors this year. Nevertheless, many don’t feel like it. After being at home for parts of their sophomore and junior years, high school has flown by for them. Important facets of high school, including prom, football games, and the homecoming dance, have either been canceled or lacked numerous students in attendance. Fortunately, the seniors will most likely be able to spend their last year of high school attending these essential CHS events.

“It genuinely feels like I skipped junior year, so the fact that I have to apply to college and decide the future of my life in the next couple of months is absolutely mental to me,” senior Madelin Billings states. “I can’t even understand how there will be a picture of me in a cap and gown at the end of the year, and I’ll no longer be a CHS student.”

Although the shift from a virtual learning setting to a mostly in person class environment is going to take some adjusting, teachers and school counselors are always there for students through every step of the way. The guidance office is located at the back of the cafeteria and can be very supportive during these rough transitions. The new changes will be demanding, but Chesterton High School students and staff will persevere. Let’s make this year a fantastic one!