Mask Debate Remains Among CHS Students

How Will Mask Usage Proceed?


Gracelyn Perrine, Opinions Editor



Life has slowly and gradually returned to some sense of “normality” after over a year of masks, online school, and vaccine controversy. While the ability to be out and about without masks has granted more people the feeling of what life once was before the pandemic hit, it is easy to forget that we are still in the midst of rising numbers. One difference from last year has been the advancements in the science realm and the new discoveries they have made, but there is still a large population of students whose beliefs don’t line up with this science or who are not vaccinated. It is also important to note, however, that vaccinated individuals can still get the COVID-19 strain and the reported cases here at CHS have shown that as well. But that raises an important question: Is CHS doing enough to keep their students safe, and how do the students feel about no current mask mandate being enforced?

Presented is the harsh reality of numbers here at CHS, since September 20th:

  • 8/20/21: 1 COVID case & 8 close contacts
  • 8/23/21: 5 COVID cases & 99 close contacts 
  • 8/24/21: 1 COVID case & 0 close contacts
  • 8/25/21: 1 COVID case & 12 close contacts

The current status states that students who are deemed as a close contact, if vaccinated, can return to school with no mask nor negative test. However, students who are not vaccinated must quarantine for 10 days. These numbers, rules, and policies have sparked concern among some students. The Sandscript spoke to a few students to see exactly where they stood on this matter.

“Hopefully these numbers will help the school recognize that COVID isn’t over and it’s still important to enforce rules to keep students safe. I hope the school will be proactive about these rules so we can have events such as homecoming, prom, and sports games that are as safe as possible,” said senior Fayden Mauke.

Others may not share the same optimism as Mauke. Senior Lauren Olson told the Sandscript, “I’m uncomfortable with unvaccinated individuals not being required to wear a mask and I think those numbers will continue to rise. Some of my teachers are already offering Zoom during class so I think that’s a good indicator that this isn’t ending anytime soon

And then there are still many students that maintain completely opposite stances on mask usage.

“Yes, I feel comfortable with students not wearing a mask. I believe the school is doing a decent job when it comes to keeping students safe,”  claimed junior Bridger Fowler.

To further this ideology, a recent poll that I, a senior here at CHS conducted, shows that out of the student respondents, the majority were not made uncomfortable due to no mask mandate being in place. 









While the sample size is fairly small, there does appear to be a divide in opinions and stances on mask wearing.  Both sides raise points of concern and/or liking which ultimately amplifies the magnitude of the decision that the school board will inevitably be faced with in the next couple months.