Girls Rising Callout Meeting

Madison Ramey

CHS is resuming an after school club called “Girls Rising”. Girls Rising is a club dedicated to improving gender equality within the community. The group participates in discussions about examples of inequality towards women along with methods that may solve the problem. The program organizes a fundraiser called the “Pink Box Project”. The project is an effort to collect feminine hygiene products and donate them to local shelters. In 2020 Girls Rising donated over a thousand pads, nearly two thousand tampons, and over five hundred liners to the Westchester Food Pantry! Meetings will take place every other Thursday starting September 2nd. It is not mandatory to attend every meeting, but it is important to make an effort to attend as many as possible. The group is led by Chesterton senior, Natalie Nunez, and Ms. Emily Wilt, the school librarian. Joining the club allows you to play a role in resolving gender inequality and encourages you to recognize significant issues in society. Anyone who is interested in joining feel free to email Natalie at [email protected], or stop in the library to see Mrs. Wilt, and ask any questions you might have.