Jake Paul Smashes Tyron Woodley In Recent Fight

Nathan Montoya

On August 30th, 2021,  24-year-old Jake Paul won his boxing match against 39-year-old former UFC Champion, Tyrone Woodley. This made his current boxing record 4-0. He won his fight via split decision from the judges, taking the 78-74 score. Paul was quoted on the CBS BOXING website as saying,

 This was a tougher fight than I expected. My legs felt weird from the locker room. I don’t know what to say. He put up a good fight and came in shape. I have nothing but respect for him.” Saying that although there was plenty of trash talk leading up to the match, he does respect his opponent in the end. Woodley had a different take on the fight however,

“I feel like I won the fight,” Woodley said (CBS BOXING). “I feel like Jake is a great opponent. I came in great shape because I knew he could take a punch.” After the fight, Woodley had asked Paul to a rematch, but Paul was initially against the idea of it.

“Of course, he wants the payday,” Paul said in Woodley’s face. “You had your opportunity. You had your chance. If you get the tattoo of ‘I love Jake Paul,’ let’s run it back.”

As of now, there is no rematch in the future but knowing Jake Paul and his need to flaunt, there could be one later on in his career.