Gmail is now taking calls

Madison Ramey

New features have been added to the Gmail app. According to Google, they are looking forward to redesigning the app as a whole since they want to see it through the users’ eyes. The company is adding a function giving users the ability to call other Google users, however, the function is built into Gmail and not Google Meet. Google thought they would first add the call feature in Gmail before any other apps that they control. They only did this so that the Gmail app can gain popularity. ‘Spaces’, once called ‘Rooms’, will rebrand itself as a platform that offers group chats, which is very beneficial and different compared to most apps used for communication. Google thought it would make the app easier to find and discover. 

 Google also says that users will be able to hide the tabs that they don’t want to use anymore in this redesign that rolled out on September 8th.  Google said they plan to expand most of their apps which should expand the use of those apps. So be on the lookout for these new changes if you are a Google user. For the new conference feature on Gmail, the company is recommending you to use the Series One Desk 27 and Series One Panel 65. Google hopes that this can help streamline some new revenue for the company.