The Matrix: Recapped

Tyler Sarkan, Sandscript Author


Recently, we have gained knowledge of a new story in the Matrix universe. The Matrix 4: Resurrection has just released its first trailer, and the reception was very positive. This is a huge moment for the series, for the last mainline Matrix was back in 2003, with The Matrix 3: Revolutions. Because of this new comeback, it’s time to recap on some history. 


The first Matrix movie was released in 1999 to wide acclaim. It was a Sci-Fi, mind boggling and mystery filled movie which told the story of humans living in a simulation,  while also satisfying the action enjoyers with dramatic shots and bullet-dodging segments. It is known as one of the best Sci-Fi films of all time.


The Matrix 2: Reloaded, continues the story of the first. It uses new ideas and characters but keeps the same basic frame. While this sequel was a huge success and made millions of dollars, it was widely criticized for beginning too many plot threads and not giving satisfying endings for all of them.


The Matrix 3: Revolutions, suffered the same issues. While it was a success, it was flawed in many ways, which include adding even more characters and even more convoluted story lines. It made half of the amount of The Matrix 2’s box office total. Even though 2 and 3 were not as big as the first in popularity and in pop-culture, they are still loved by millions of fans.


Now, The Matrix 4: Resurrection is coming soon, whether it will live up to the trilogy is still unknown, but the like-to-dislike ratio on the first trailer was very positive. The Matrix 4 is scheduled to release December 22 this year, so if you want to get into the Matrix, now is the time to do so.