Bears Quarter Season Recap

With Exclusive Interview With Former Bears Player Marcus Robinson

Miranda Miller, Co-Editor In Chief

The Bears have officially finished the first five games of the 2021 season, completing with a record of 3-2, winning both home games and one away game.  

During the 2021 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears picked quarterback, Justin Fields.  Fields came from Ohio State with a good arm and incredible accuracy, while also flashing the athleticism to make plays with his feet.  Through the first four games, Fields has been second to starting quarterback, Anthony Dalton.  After Fields’ performance during Week 4, the Bears’ coaching staff have decided that Fields will play as the starting quarterback for the rest of the season.  

In a Sandscript exclusive interview with former Bears player Marcus Robinson at the Week 4 game, Robinson shared his thoughts on Fields, “He’s great.  I really like his dynamic.  I don’t get to see him at practice, but on the field he’s great.”

Robinson began his NFL career playing for the Bears in 1997 as a wide receiver.  In addition, he played for the Baltimore Ravens, the Minnesota Vikings, and the World Bowl VI winning team, Rhein Fire, in 1998.  He ended his career signing a one-day contract with the Bears, just to retire as a Bear in 2008.

When asked his thoughts on how the season is going, Robinson quickly stated, “Horrible.  I mean hopefully, they will turn up but COVID really affected practicing and playing.”

During Week 1, the Bears played against the Los Angeles Rams (3-1) on September 12, losing 34-14.  In short, the Bears’ offense and defense were weak.  On offense, Fields was able to make a 3-yard touchdown in the third quarter, leading Bears fans to crave more playing time for the rookie.  The Bears defense had a tough fight throughout the game against a team that was voted to have the NFL’s best offense.  

On September 19, the team played their Week 2 game against the Cincinnati Bengals (3-1), winning 20-17.  By winning their first home game of the season, the Bears were able to restore a little bit of hope in their fans.  On offense, Anthony Dalton injured his knee in the second quarter and was quickly replaced by Fields.  Compared to the previous week’s performance, the Bears’ defense played much better.  

In Week 3, the Bears played against the Cleveland Browns (3-1) on September 26, losing 26-6. Defense efforts proved to be underwhelming, and Fields finished the game with a 30% completion percentage. 

In their game on October 3 of Week 4, the team played against the Detroit Lions (0-4), winning 24-14.  Crushing the worst team in the NFC North is not much of an accomplishment, but winning the game continues the likelihood of finishing with a winning season.  Fields impressed the crowd with each play and was able to prove his abilities.  The defense had improved from the week prior, but they still did not meet expectations.  

During Week 5 on October 10, the Bears played against the Las Vegas Raiders (3-2) and won 20-9.  In the second quarter, Fields threw a touchdown pass which was caught by Jesper Horsted.  This allowed the Bears to gain momentum and ultimately win the game.  The second touchdown was made by Damien Williams in the last minutes of the second quarter.  In the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, the Bears scored two field goals, which secured The Bears’ win.  The Bears played with a strong defense and an even stronger offense.  

“Hopefully we’ll have a winning season or at least be 8-8.  With a rookie quarterback, we’ll have a hard time going to the playoffs,” says Robinson. 

The next game of the season will be played at home at Soldier Field against the Green Bay Packers on October 17, 2021, at 12:00 PM.