Adele’s new song “Easy on Me”

Madison Ramey

  Adele released a snippet of her song “Easy on Me” on her social media page, Adele Daily ³⁰

@adeledailynet, last week. During her Instagram live to her Instagram followers, she played a few moments of the song as well. All of her fans are going wild because of her new song and because her last album aired in November 2015.  As a result, this new album has been quite the news for her fans. “Easy on Me” was released on October 14th, so most fans are now expecting her new album to be released around October 19th. 

     Currently, Adele’s personal life has hit a bit of a crossroads.  Now age 30, the pop singer has placed a significance on the number 30 because of her seemingly deteriorating life, now that she has hit that age.

     Adele also referenced her previous album, 21, claiming that her fans took it into their hearts, and sort of away from her.  The singer told Yahoo News that nobody was going to take this new album from her this time.

     “I’m not letting go of this one,” Adele said on the upcoming release. “This is my album. I want to share myself with everyone, but I don’t think I’ll ever let this one go.” 

     Most Adele fans were aware that an album was coming out because she had updated her social media websites, so they thought that she was behind the marketing at the time.