To Cut or To Color

What is Better: Carving or Painting Pumpkins?

Caroline Dardeau, Editor in Sports

Pumpkins are an essential item for the fall season. But what’s the best way to decorate them? There are two options, carving or painting, to help make your outside feel spooky and fun during the fall season, but what embodies Halloween more? 

Carving is something that everyone enjoys, regardless of age; you have creative freedom to do whatever you choose. You can design a smiley face or a frowny face, or no face at all. There are stencils and kits to help make it easier, and parents can put down newspapers and let you go to town! The best part about carving is you won’t be wasteful of all of the nutrition in the pumpkin; you can roast the seeds, make puree, bake, cook, and so much more with what is inside. Once you clear out the inside of the pumpkin, you get to carve what you would like and then put a light on the inside to let it glow and light up your space. I personally vote carving pumpkins as a go to, it’s more enjoyable and fun to do!

On the other hand, we have painting. You can use all colors and designs you choose. The ability to use colors adds personality to your pumpkin! However, it is important to note that painting limits you to your ability to create. You have to deal with the texture of the pumpkin’s outer detail and regardless of what you paint on your pumpkin, you can unfortunately not see it on display at night. Junior, Aerianna Wolford said, “I prefer painting to carving because I am not good at carving. It is very hard to get it perfect and you can do so much more with painting.” 

Despite tradition when it comes to fall and halloween time, it is a time of year that is family oriented. So get out and decorate your pumpkin however you would like with the people that are most important to you!