New Teachers At CHS!

Audrey White, Sandscript Author

(Above: Bullock, pictured on the left, with Mr. Knauff for Secondary Teacher of the Year Finalists. Credited to Duneland School Corporation)

Christine Bullock

Before CHS: I was a teacher at CMS for 21 years. I actually taught high school before CHS. I taught at Penn High School for 3 years before I went to CMS. I taught government, world geography, and world history. Before Penn, I was at the Michigan Alternative High School and taught the same things.

Education: Ballstate University for undergraduate work and masters from Valpo University.

Favorite Movie: I’ve always loved Dances with Wolves.

Favorite Sports Team: Chesterton Trojans

Advice for Students: Be true to yourself, work hard, admit your mistakes, and move forward.

What is your position going to be at CHS: I am teaching Government, Economics and Geography/History of the World and sponsoring student government and co-president of football boosters.

(Photo Credited to: Roxanne Kaminski)

Roxanne Kaminski

Before CHS: I worked at 3rd Coast, and I also worked at Westchester Intermediate School.

Education: Associates in Health Sciences, Undergrad in Behavioral Sciences, Transition To Teaching license sociology.

Favorite Movie: Now and Then

Favorite Sports Team: Cubs

Advice for Students: Prioritize your health- physical and health.

What is your position going to be at CHS: I am a graduation coach. My role is to manage and track data for credit recovery students. I meet with students that are enrolled in credit recovery and work with them one on one if they’re having trouble in the course they are enrolled in. I also conference with students that are in the class and set attainable goals to ensure they are awarded the appropriate credits to graduate high school. 


(Not pictured)

Hildegard Maldonado 

Before CHS: My husband was stationed in Germany and we married in Germany and had orders to go back to the States. That’s how I came to the States. We moved around a little bit in 2002, he got a job in Chicago. Back in Germany I did physical and massage therapy and I am not allowed to practice here. I wanted to do physical therapy, Kaplan College. I got a license to work from home from the city and had a small clientele for massage therapy. Around that time, I began to sub. I was asked by a teacher if I was willing to sub for German.

Education: Back in Germany I studied to become a physical therapist until I came to the States in 1992. I was a stay home mom until later in 2006-2008, until I finished with an associates at Kaplan College for physical therapy.

Favorite Movie: I can’t pinpoint exact ones, but I like musicals and science fiction.

Favorite Sports Team: I’m not very interested in American sports, but when I was younger I liked F.C. Kaiserslautern.

Advice for Students: Do not fall behind, stay focused, and education is important.

What is your position going to be at CHS: I am subbing for Mr. Martinson (until the first week of November).