Review of Venom: Let There be Carnage “A shallow yet amazingly brutal sequel”

Tyler Sarkan, Sandscript Author

Venom: Let There be Carnage is a movie that a lot of Marvel fans have been waiting for. Surprisingly, however, it hasn’t gotten many great reviews. Lots of critics are fairly negative about it, whereas the fans are very happy with the outcome. I, personally, wasn’t expecting a masterpiece, nothing like a genre defining film or anything, but I was expecting something that would leave me smiling when I was done, and that is what I received. Venom: LTBC was a movie that focused on its strong points and expanded on them. Intense action, awesome creatures, and large-scale fights all took place in the movie and were brilliant. Never once did the movie try to dive deep into the story, and I can appreciate that.

The movie brings back the main two characters and, in addition, introduces a new face. Eddie Brock is an old character that is coming back with Venom, a creature he met in the first movie. A new character to the movie is Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who fuses with Carnage, a spawn of Venom that exceeds Venoms power. Cletus is in jail because of his past crimes, including killing his own mother and grandmother, but manages to escape the prison with Carnage, and the pair wreak havoc in the city, while Eddie and Venom are still trying to tolerate each other.  Eddie and Venom chase and attempt to stop Cletus and Carnage from destroying the city and harming more civilians. Eddie and Venom manage to defeat Cletus and Carnage, and in turn, save the city. After this event, Eddie and Venom run away to an island because of Eddie’s fear of being captured for having Venom within him. Venom tells Eddie that he has years of info, and Eddie asks Venom to share a little bit of it. Venom then teleports Eddie to a nicer hotel room, and shows a TV broadcast of Peter Parker being revealed as Spider-Man, right as Venom recognizes him.

I enjoyed my time with the movie, even if it was mainly just based around action more than story or presentation. Some other reviewers gave their thoughts. Jackie K. Cooper of Rotten Tomatoes said , “Too much carnage and not enough plot and characterization.” 

Venom: Let There be Carnage was a movie that favored the fans more than the reviewers. Instead of a deep plot, it focuses more on the goofiness and action, rather than trying to build up a meaningful plot or story to appease the critics. Like said before, I was never expecting a masterpiece out of this movie, but what we got exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the results. The movie always stuck to its guns. It never strayed away at the things it was good at. The action was captivating and intense, and the rivalry between Eddie and Cletus was one to enjoy. I give Venom: Let There be Carnage an 8/10.