World Language Cookout!

The World Language cookout was a total success!

Olivia Kumar, Sandscript Author

The World Language clubs hosted a cookout on the 27th of October in the CHS Courtyard. The event was not as large as the bonfire event would have been, due to the fact that it was held in the courtyard of CHS rather than a park. However, the cookout was still lots of fun for all that attended.

          Mrs. Airizzi (Spanish), Herr Knauff (German) and Mrs. Tsugawa (Japanese) were the club sponsoring staff that attended and supervised the cookout. As people arrived, Herr Knauff put some hotdogs on the grill while all of the students mingled. There were not any decorations really, but a few tables were set aside for bags of hotdog buns, packs of hotdogs and smore’s ingredients. The atmosphere was very comfortable because everyone was friendly, and gathering for a common cause. It was interesting to talk to people who are learning different languages because they shared a lot of interesting facts about the language they study. Overall, the World Languages cookout was a fantastic experience, and definitely something I will attend again in future school years.