To Celebrate (Early) or Not to Celebrate (Early)

Do people begin celebrating their favorite December holiday too soon?

Carl Harding

With Halloween over and Thanksgiving just around the corner, you would think people would bring out inflatable turkeys and decorations for Thanksgiving, but that is just not the case, and for the most part, it never is!  Instead, people have begun putting up Christmas decorations and their trees already. People have also started watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs; however, many people wonder why some do this so shortly after Halloween, and before another awesome holiday, Thanksgiving.  I see both sides of the spectrum: on one hand, it annoys me seeing the ads and hearing the tunes so far before the actual holiday. But on the flip side, I also understand people’s motivation to do it because of the joy it brings and the amount of fun people have during the December holiday season. 

Thanksgiving has a special place in American culture as it allows people to come together around the table and eat some delicious turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, pumpkin pie, corn, and cranberry sauce, among many other quality foods. Like Christmas, Thanksgiving allows us to be with family and be thankful for the good things that we have in our lives. But since Thanksgiving has always lacked the decorative nature that Christmas time has, some may not have the time to decorate when Christmas comes around because of work.  As a result, many of these types of people have to get the decorations out early.  This way they won’t have to worry about it later, and can set up their decorations incrementally. Christmas also allows adults to reconnect with their childhood as it typically brings them back to simpler and happier times. Putting up decorations early makes people happy as they wait in anticipation for all the excitement the holiday season provides. 

The way I see it, celebrating Christmas early can be good for bringing back memories of the holidays, and it seems no matter how far away it is, people are going to look forward to Christmas no matter what. But celebrating Christmas early can mean people completely forgetting about the importance of Thanksgiving, an important message every year. So if you plan on doing Christmas decorations early or putting up your tree, don’t forget that Thanksgiving is still around the corner and should be celebrated appropriately… BEFORE Christmas celebrations begin.