Trades Building Program at CHS

Madison Ramey

The Chesterton Trades Building Program is a class that can be taken during the school year for those that are genuinely interested in safety, communication, and construction drawing. For this class, it will run during the year which would be about two semesters. During the first semester, students would be doing hands-on activities, like wood shifting and building, which tend to relate to real-life situations in the real world.  These skills help students to use power tools along with multiple other dexterities that the class requires. In semester two, the students will be covering technological construction work, which could later benefit their abilities for the future. These types of abilities can help students to become construction workers or blueprint makers. This class provides types of work that are much more hands-on, and students can expect to be assessed differently than they would be in traditional classes.  Additionally, students will be expected to work outside of class on an as-needed basis, determined by what they do with their class time. If the Trades Building Program interests you stop by Mr. Koziczynski’s room in D215 or Mr. Ortiz in D208 to find out more.