Top 10 Christmas Songs

Have a festive Christmas with these popular songs!

Grae Stockhausen, News Section Editor

It’s that time of year again; no matter where you go, Christmas music is always playing. Whether it’s while you’re putting decorations up, looking for a tree, or going ice skating, Christmas music is always in the air. When you get into your car and turn on the radio, Christmas music is playing, and when you go into a store, you’ll most likely hear the festive tunes of the holiday as well. Whether you enjoy the season or you channel the spirit of the Grinch, the songs are catchy and fun to sing. Here are the Sandscript’s Top 10 songs of the season:


  1. “Last Christmas” –  Wham! – 1984

This song is reminiscent of its time and sounds very much like an 80s pop song. George Michael’s Christmas breakup song has become a seasonal favorite by many, earning covers from Jimmy Eat World to Ariana Grande to Taylor Swift.


  1. “White Christmas,” – Bing Crosby – 1954

An old song from the popular movie, White Christmas, which was released in 1954, is a popular song that you’ll probably hear your family singing. With the backing of a twinkling piano and music box, the vocals feature Bing Crosby’s croony voice.


  1. “Underneath the Tree,” – Kelly Clarkson – 2013

Holiday songs are truly wonderful, even more so when they’re cheery and celebrating a special connection. The pop rhythm and peppy vocals are sure to shake the Grinch right out of you!


  1. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” – Andy Williams – 1963

This song is a celebration of the holiday season and all the joyous activities that come with it. When listening to this musical song, think of all the festive activities you could plan. This song is very musical with the trumpets and brass instruments.


  1. “A Holly Jolly Christmas,” – Burl Ives – 1964

This sweet song reminds you to be happy during Christmas, you get to stay home all cozy and spend time with your family and friends! This song is more of a song to dance to and features a lovely array of instruments such as bells, guitar, and brass instruments.


  1. “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” – Dean Martin – 1959

A melodic song about snow and how wonderful it is! Listen to this sweet song and look at the snow and be thankful that you’re able to experience the icy phenomena. 


  1. “Jingle Bell Rock,” – Bobby Helms – 1957

A swingy-jazz sound fills the air when you play this song, and the repetitive lyrics make it easy to remember. As a young child (4-8 years old) Mr. Lukach believed that his uncle wrote and performed this song, because the guy’s voice sounds like him.


  1. “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,” – Brenda Lee – 1958

This jazzy tune was released in 1958 and was made successful by singer Brena Lee in 1960. This song is about dancing around the Christmas tree and enjoying festivities with friends! 


  1. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” – Michael Bublé – 1951

The tuneful song describes the winter wonderland that the world becomes as the winter season starts. The vocals are backed by a full, sweet piano sound.


  1. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey – 1994

A classic pop Christmas song about love and the holidays. Possibly one of the most famous Christmas songs, gaining in popularity quickly after it was released in October of 1994. This song is a very loud, pop song and is sure to get everyone excited about the holiday season!


With Christmas coming up soon, knowing the most popular songs always helps, especially when trying to celebrate with cheer and happiness. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, listen to the melodic songs to get you in that winter mood to celebrate your favorite seasonal activities!