CHS Maroon VS Gold Basketball Game

Kooper Sutherland, Author

The Chesterton Boys basketball team split their team in two a couple weekends ago, to kick off what promises to be an exciting season.  The ‘Maroon’ team and ‘Gold’ team played each other for their exhibition preview for the season. The stands were filled up with fans from around the district, so much so that some of the shirts being sold, were gone. To start, my experience at the game was, involved, to say the least.  The Trojan cheerleaders needed someone extra to help run their flags, so I hopped in, hoisting the “J” flag around the court. The lettered flags spelled Trojans. Then, the varsity players were introduced by name and by the number each will wear during the season. Just like that, the game was then underway, even more high energy than everyone anticipated. The teams were fairly evenly matched, a shout out to Coach Urban for dividing them so well, so neither team would give the other any leverage. Multiple dunks were slammed home by a few players, an impressive feat for some of the smaller players. By the time the game was done, each team had finished a few points apart from each other. The whole event never disappointed the fans, and was totally electric. This friendly competition showed that there was no shame in either team’s performance, and that it will definitely prepare the Trojans for a new season.