The Stuff to Stuff

Recomendations for all of your Stocking Stuffers Needs

The Stuff to Stuff

Caroline Dardeau, Editor in Sports

It’s that time of the year again y’all, where everyone is out shopping for gifts to put under the tree.  While picking gifts for the holiday may be difficult when your sister or dad forget to make a list, the most difficult gifts to buy are ones that often don’t appear on those lists even if we get them.What is small enough to fit, but still beneficial and useful for your loved ones? Here are my top ten favorite things to recieve as a “Stocking Stuffer”, and hopefully, this list will inspire you for the holiday season!

Apple AirPods – Let’s cut the cords off of everyone’s beloved earbuds and make the tangling and breakage of the cords disappear—a gift that everyone in the family will enjoy and use! 


Candy – Everyone has some type of sweet tooth, whether it’s chocolate or candy. Candy is an easy stocking stuffer you can buy in bulk to share amongst your family. For separate candies, you can buy a whole bag or just a box of all of your loved ones’ favorites.


Stickers – Regardless of age, everyone loves stickers.You can put them on water bottles, computers, helmets, walls (the Sandscript doesn’t condone this without parental consent), or wherever your desires take you. Moreover, you can get stickers from their favorite brands, shows, movies, and more for a personalized touch. 


Hair Accessories – While many may not do fancy up-doos or styles everyday, most make simple efforts to make their hair look presentable. You can buy hair gel, hairspray, hair ties, clips, wax, curling irons, straighteners, etc. New and improved hair products are always a great buy! 


Jewelry –  Regardless of gender, most people in our generation wear jewelry. Get your mother, sister, or wife a necklace, ring, bracelet, or even a pair of earrings. Grab your father, brother, or husband a new chain, ring, set of cufflinks, etc.


Socks – Socks are a staple for practically everyone—whether they are for your one year old who needs their feet to stay warm or for your parents who want to walk with you. You can gift socks with their favorite colors, animals, foods, and so much more. There are also customizable socks where you can put your pet’s face or even your own face.


Toiletries – These include deodorant, perfume, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more. These products typically run out within 6 months, which is why people love receiving them during the holidays. Mothers especially love giving toiletries during this holiday season because they are a necessity for all, so remember to thank them when you see this in your stocking!


Gift Cards – Who does not like free food… well… semifree food?  When people ask you for money, you can personalize their gift more by giving them money in the form of gift cards. You can get them gift cards for practically everything, including food and clothing that you know they may personally like. 


Activity Books – These are great activities for sitting in a car or laying bored on a couch. An activity book is something you can always do and is easily transportable. Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches, coloring pages, and many other activities included are fantastic purchases for family and friends. 

Brain Teasers-  These are yet another gift that can keep people busy when they have nothing else to do. Brain teasers are great for keeping people engaged and stimulating the brain.