Indie Horror Games: The Return

Madison Ramey

Indie Horror Games: The Return

One of the best types of games is returning and with that, you might find some new interests. 

Indie horror games are something related to horror games that individuals or a small group of people have made. These games are made differently compared to others since they have to experiment with different approaches to feel successful in their game-making. Jumpscares, something that startles the player or blood would be a good example of getting startled. Indie games have become more popular due to more people playing them to get more clout.  

Quite a few gaming YouTubers such as Markiplier, BijuuMike, and CoryxKenshin have played some of these types of games such as Doki Doki Literature Club and Little Nightmares, which is boosting the game’s popularity. Markiplier is known for playing Five Night’s at Freddy’s which is also known as FNaF. BijuuMike is known for playing Doki Doki Literature Club and Yandere Simulator. CoryxKenshin is known for playing multiple different indie horror games like Dark Deception and The Mortuary Assistant. 

Other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have lots of fans that share multiple types of things such as fanart and information about these games. It is not the social media platforms making the games more popular, it is the fans within the social media platforms making the games more popular. As the game slowly grows the more likely people are gonna be more interested in it. Since other people are interested in it which is also known as a trend. 

These particular horror games have become more popular nowadays due to the way that the gameplay is, which tends to pull the viewers in more than other games would like the way that the game is mysterious which is also something that other games create but with these games this feeling is stronger which also makes you think that you should know more as soon as possible. Still, other games can create this feeling as well but, it is a more frequent feeling of worry and anxiousness. Indie games create this feeling more than other games because of what the game is about. The main difference between regular horror games and indie horror games is that indie horror games are games that are made by small creators while horror games are made by bigger companies.  The presentation of these games is different compared to others because of the game crashing and finding hidden files to reveal interesting information that can help you to process the game further. 

The games below are games that will have spoilers so please proceed with caution as you read because you may find out something that you don’t quite want to know yet. 

-Doki Doki Literature Club 

-Little Nightmares 

-Slender: The Eight Pages 

-Dead by Daylight 

-Fran Bow 

-Mad Father 

Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual novel game narrated by the main character in a dating simulation- who joins a literature club with the help of their childhood best friend, Sayori.  She then introduces the other members of the club: Monika, Yuri, and Natsuki. The sweet appearance like pretty pinks and reds that the game holds doesn’t last long due to the fact it gets more sinister than it may seem to those playing, the game gets more sinister because of how Monika becomes.  A few days pass in the literature club and Sayori has been acting quite open about her depression before she commits suicide. Unfortunately, Sayori suffered from a severe case of depression, and before she did anything to herself, she had stated her feelings toward the player and then wasn’t seen again. After Sayori did what she did the game then starts spiraling into chaos which then leads to many other events that may shock you to the core. After this occurrence, the game starts to get glitchy in its appearance. Yuri had suffered from self-harm which is mentioned in one of her many poems. Natsuki suffering from an eating disorder and abuse. After what happens to Yuri the game spirals into a deeper hole.  It is later revealed that it was all a part of Monika’s plan. They all were friends but Monika was the only one fully aware that she was stuck in the game, that she wasn’t supposed to be put into so she just tried her very best to do what she could to get out of it even if that meant she had to lose people in the process. The protagonist then has to get rid of Monika’s character file to see the end of the game in the most successful way possible. 

This game just genuinely breaks the fourth wall since Monika is fully aware that she is in the game while she shouldn’t know that. Monika becomes fully aware when she learns her position in the game which is to be the leader of the literature club. But then with this information of being fully aware, she learns about the other’s problems and then tries to keep you to herself to prevent any issues. 

Little Nightmares is a video game about a girl named Six who must escape the Maw which is a dangerous area full of monsters. The Maw is a location where the majority of the game takes place. Six ends up meeting Mono, the kid in the bag and they slowly make it out of the Maw with their partnership. 

These games overall have a huge impact on the video game community that it’s in because of how they are presented to the public. The games are presented to the public by many people playing the games which tend to make them popular over time. They must be making a comeback since it will help the creators of those said games to make money off of them for moral support to continue working with what game they’re working on and more. It can and will benefit the viewer and the creator in many different ways, physically, which would be the way that your body reacts and mentally, it can change your perspective on how you see real-life since the game could potentially impact you in a way that something else might not. The games might change your perspective on life based on what the game might be about like friendship or teaching you other things.