CHS holds Senior Night for it’s Swimmers and dominates the night

Carl Harding

On December 2nd, 2021 Chesterton High School held its Senior Night for it’s swim team as they went up against Wheeler High School. Before the events began the swim teams were allowed to practice their skills in the pool and they practiced their diving skills as well. Then the events began with the girls going first in a 200 meter Medley Relay, and then the Boys did the same thing. The swimmers used all of their moves to get the best score and they succeeded. The Trojan Swimmers also did 200 yd Freestyle where the swimmers used all of their moves to get the best score, 200 meter Individual Medley where the swimmers also used the 4 basic strokes of swimming to get the best score,and 50 meter freestyle which Alejandro Kincaid won for the boys and Veronika Ozimek won for the girls . After that 6 members of the swim team participated in a diving competition that had 6 rounds, they had to do moves such as backflips, half twists, inward dives, back somersaults,and forward dives. Unfortunately for CHS, Wheeler came out on top with the most points and won this part of the competition. The swimmers then took a 5 minute break, Afterwards it was time to honor the seniors of the swim team. They had the seniors line up at the back of the pool where they were each given a flower. Each senior was congratulated for all of the hard work they put in for the swim team and were announced one by one and walked to their parents on the other side of the pool. Afterwards they had the seniors and their parents lined up on the side of the pool where pictures were taken. The competition then continued with more relays such as 100 meter Butterflies, 500 meter freestyles, 200 meter freestyle, 100 meter backstrokes and breaststrokes, and a 400 meter freestyle relay. The Trojans Swim Team dominated the competition and won the night. 


The Sandscript would like to congratulate our swim team, and our Seniors, Elijah Arulandu, Madelin Billings, Kate Caracci, Gabriel Eschbach, Cormac Fallon, Morgan Gear, Alana Jardenil, Alejandro Kincaid, Peter McNicholas,and Veronika Ozimek.