Wrapping Up the Year with Spotify

The Reflection of Our 2021 Soundtrack is Here!


Gracelyn Perrine, Opinions Editor

Every year, music lovers around the world come together to enjoy the art of reflection. Being able to look back on the music you listened to and enjoyed within the year allows for reflection on past memories, laughs, cries, and moments of pure joy. While many listen to music as a fun background noise, many also connect with visual art, like music, on a deeper level. Associating certain genres, artists, and songs with individual people or things allows many to feel, and feel deeply; this is why music is so important to people across different spectrums. This leads us into the ultimate musical conclusion of the year: Spotify Wrapped. 

Spotify Wrapped gives the opportunity to dive into the past listening moments of the year. This feature that Spotify uses to promote their service carries the interest of many, as it gives personal information based on your personal year regarding genres, artists, songs, and even the amount of straight minutes you listened to music. And to the demographics that prefer a podcast rather than music, Spotify Wrapped also includes your podcast minutes and favorites! 

It is important to also note the social attention that comes with your Wrapped. Spotify encourages their users to share their Wrapped information as a way to connect with others on social media platforms. Sharing these moments has been widely accepted, as many even count the days down until they get to see this collection of not only their year, but others, and have even made jokes stating that “you will be judged” for your Wrapped. However, it is all in fun and posting these moments to social media allows for many to connect on more of a personal level, as music can often reflect interests and overall identities of someone. 

This feature reignites a long and heated discussion: Apple Music or Spotify? While many music lovers have fought over this topic for years, Spotify has proven to take a small leap when it comes to their feature of Spotify Wrapped. Apple Music offers select stats and recollections of artists and songs; however, they seem to lack a more detailed and personal feel when it comes to this reflection of the year. Spotify has become known for its personalized touch regarding playlist creation, recommendations, and ending the year with Wrapped; it truly comes down to what you look for in a service such as these two, and what is most beneficial for you regarding price. 

Overall, whether you are a Spotify user or not, many know this time of year as a time to connect and share music with others, as the art of music has gained much traction amongst younger generations due to the art of embracing feeling. Music has given an outlet to many, and Spotify continues to fuel this.