The Annual CHS Madrigal Takes on its 49th Year!

A Weekend of Feasting and Merriment for All.

Gracelyn Perrine, Opinions Editor

This past first weekend of December, the students of various music programs took on the performances of Madrigal, a medieval themed dinner with music and entertainment. If you are unfamiliar with the tradition of Madrigal, click here! This was the music department’s 49th annual year of Madrigal, and it went off with a bang! Due to COVID-19, the past madrigal had been much different than the normal, as students were spread apart, songs were cut, and there was no food served; it truly didn’t feel like a real madrigal. However, Miss Morris, Mr. Bess, Mr. Grenier and more were able to pull this much enjoyed event out for 2021 as if nothing ever had prohibited these groups. The tickets and seats for all five performances became scarce as time went on, and almost every show was sold out. During these performances, students got to showcase their talents such as singing, dancing, playing instruments, and even juggling! 


Students featured in this picture were able to sing a Christmas quartet to different tables while greeting many. 

Pictured left to right: (Noah Fletcher, Christopher Woods, Gracelyn Perrine, Fayden Mauke)

Here, students are placed at the head table during dinner. 

To conclude, it is never too late to join music programs that participate in this annual tradition! And even if this is not something for you, remember to get your tickets next year for the 50th ever Madrigal. Godspeed!