Camryn Dunn is Going Miami State University

Camryn Dunn Will Be Heading Off to Ohio to Pursue Her Dreams in Track!

Linnea Sundquist, Sandscript Author

Camryn Dunn has just signed her National Letter of Intent with Miami University, in Ohio. She plans on majoring in Botany and continuing her athletic career in track as well. Camryn has earned many accolades which include CHS relay MVP, CHS sprinter MVP as well as West Lafayette relay MVP. She even broke the Chesterton High School record in the 100 m dash three times and the 400 m dash twice! 


Camryn had a lot of other schools that recruited her like Butler University, Central Michigan, Bowling Green University, Ohio University as well as Indiana University. But Miami had amazing offers that really stood out to her. 


“The coach [Peterson], he was a very big piece to the deciding process and deciding to commit with them. He is a very stable coach and his training philosophy was very good which could help me become a better athlete.”


Camryn has a 3.9 GPA and has earned numerous Scholar Athlete and Principal Honor Roll awards, she is also involved in the CHS Pep Band. During her school year at Miami she will be participating in numerous track events such as the 100, 200, and 400 meter dash as well as a multitude of different relays. 


“I am excited to just join a team and start training at a higher level. Also to meet a group of elicit people so I can meet new people from different countries, not just the U.S.” 


Some of the biggest advice Camryn recommends to students who want to go to school to be an athlete is, “I would say my biggest piece of advice is to not focus on winning and work better on yourself so you can become the best athlete. Also, listen to your body. Your body usually tells you what you need and what is wrong so try to take it easy if something isn’t right.” 


Camryn has worked really well to get to where she is and Chesterton High School wishes her the best of luck when attending Miami State University. The Sandscript is eager to watch Dunn as she excels in the new aspects of her life.