2022-2023 Scheduling

Time of Year for Students to Pick Up Classes

2022-2023 Scheduling

Sarah Sahli, Features Editor, Sandscript Author

Scheduling for the 2022-2023 school year is underway. To initiate the process, every student will be invited to a virtual or face-to-face meeting with their assigned guidance counselor. He or she will review the credits a student must obtain to graduate and answer any questions a student may have. Sophomore meetings will take place between January 10th and January 27th, juniors between January 28th and February 10th, and freshman meetings between February 11th and March 1st.  

Every student should have received a course selection sheet during their Advisory block. This sheet will help outline a possible schedule and aid with the decision process. Moreover, to accelerate the process, students are influenced to request classes in their personal Skyward account. To do this, log in to Skyward and choose the “Schedule” option towards the left of the screen. Next, choose the “Course Requests now open” icon at the top right, and finally, search and request classes that spike an interest.

 It is important for students to choose classes that they are satisfied with that will also help them achieve any goals they may have after graduation. 

“Students should always look at the diploma type they are hoping to earn when considering what classes to select.  This will help to determine what requirements they still need to complete to ensure they are on track for graduation.  Other things to consider are post-secondary plans and career aspirations, personal interests, and course rigor,” CHS guidance counselor Johanna Hess advises.

In addition, reviewing the course description of a class before finalizing a decision can make a tremendous difference with a student’s satisfaction with their schedule.  More often than not, students choose a class assuming they might enjoy it when in reality, they have no knowledge of how the course is structured. Another mistake students often make is assuming a course is not required for college because it is not required for high school. For example, World Language is not required for a Core 40 diploma, but Indiana University Bloomington and Purdue West Lafayette both require that students take two years of World Language in high school. 

Not all students desire to take the university path, so it is vital that students explore all of their options before making final scheduling decisions. Juniors and seniors have the option of participating in the Vocational Program. 

“CHS participates in the Porter County Career & Technical Center.  Classes through the PCCTC offer a hands-on learning environment with real-world work experience.  You can also earn dual credits that can transfer to a two or four-year college, as well as certifications that are recognized in the industry and could help students looking to get a job straight out of high school,” Hess explains.

Juniors have a lot to consider when beginning their scheduling process because they are planning for their final year in high school. Scheduling for the senior year means confirming a student has or will earn all final graduation requirements as well as preparing to be eligible for any post-secondary goals. 

Overall, choosing the most appropriate classes for the upcoming school year is an easy process when utilizing all the provided resources. Be sure to contact a counselor for any additional questions. 


Last names from A-Ca

Assigned counselor: Karen Moffet


Last names from Ce-Gn

Assigned counselor: Gretchen Arthur


Last names from Go-K

Assigned counselor: Amy Snyder


Last names from L-O

Assigned counselor: James Moore


Last names from P-Sm

Assigned counselor: Johanna Hess