Interact Club, Great Opportunities!

Gabrielle Rose, Sandscript Author

Interact Club is back at Chesterton High School after a brief hiatus due to a lack of sponsor.  History teacher Joshua Coots has taken the reigns of the club that was run by former English teacher, Jessica Nygra.  Interact club is an organization dedicated to service, allowing students to plan, and organize. Interact Club is associated with the Rotary organization, and meets on the first Thursday of every month in classroom C582.  The meetings begin at 3p.m. and during them, students work together to plan service activities. 

“Interact Club does service activities, both long-term and short-term” says Coots.

This club is a good way to not only organize and plan, or students could even meet new friends with similar interests. Interact Club also looks good on students’ college applications. Colleges look at extracurriculars that students are involved in during high school, and Interact Club could help sway their judgment, and get students into an ideal college. 

Not only does this club provide students with friendships, and look good on college applications, it can also provide a path to leadership within an organization. In Interact Club, students learn leadership skills that could help in school, everyday life, or even later on when reaching adulthood. It could also help students stay motivated throughout the school year. 

Interact Club is a good chance to meet new people and get organized. All activities are service based. The students brain-storm service projects, then they plan out and do them. The overall goal of the club is to provide service opportunities and to develop good character traits for future service and leadership. Anyone is welcome to join.