Winter Driving Tips for Safety

Madison Ramey

Winter Driving 

 It is the time of year when drivers, especially those just beginning, need to proceed with extra caution. Due to roads filling with ice, there are certain guidelines that you should follow while on the roads. These guidelines are important because they are something that someone should keep in mind while on the road. They are: paying attention to the road, watching out for pedestrians, potholes, and keeping on the lookout for slipping drivers.

  1. Paying attention to the road – With the weather changing, other things like the roadways will change as well. For example, as it snows, roads start to get slippery and get more covered with ice, which could be dangerous.  With that said, try applying the brakes earlier when driving, to allow for extended stopping time for slippery roads, and consider driving a little slower than usual.
  2. Watching out for Pedestrians – Due to all of the other distractions that come into play in the winter, be sure to remain focused on human life.  WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS! especially those that might be in white coats, blending in with the surroundings. Make sure to follow the tips of slow driving above, so that joggers at the crosswalk can be avoided, and the car doesn’t have to be spun out into a ditch. 
  3. Potholes- When water seeps down into the road and freezes, the frozen water causes cracks in the road, eventually forming potholes.  In Northwest Indiana, some of these potholes are more like pot craters! These guys can pop your tires, and if they do, could result in going off-road, or other significant damage to parts of your car. 
  4. Look out for other slipping drivers- You know that winter driving isn’t easy, so take your time, and understand everyone else is dealing with the same circumstance.  You don’t feel as comfortable driving in the winter weather as you would in the warm weather, and most other drivers are right there with you.  Be understanding of other drivers on the road, and be sure to be alert if they begin to slip, slide, or skid in the snow.

With the weather changing, other things like the roadways will change as well. Make sure you follow these tips for keeping yourself safer at the wheel.  Be careful, it’s slick out there!