CHS ShowChoirs Roll into the 2022 Season

A Recap of Winter Showcase and the Jay County ShowChoir Spectacular

Gracelyn Perrine, Opinions Editor

The CHS Show Choirs have started their season off with a bang not only for the Duneland community, but also for others around the state. On January 8, the CHS Drifters and Sandpipers performed their shows for the first time this season for family and friends to view. For those not familiar with Showchoir, the competition season is where these groups are able to finally relay the 15-20 minute themed show against other groups; Winter Showcase is essentially the preview. 

Both groups have different shows that have been worked on since August, and Kristin Morris, the choir teacher and director at CHS, crafted these shows with great thought. Regarding the Drifters, the unisex group here at CHS, Morris states “The Drifters theme this year is Golden Girls. The Golden Girls as a show is timeless and the material covered in each episode still matters today – it is one of my favorite shows and has become somewhat “trendy” again, especially with the recent passing of Betty White”.

Regarding the Sandpipers, the mixed group, Morris states “For the Sandpipers show concept, it was something that came to me when I was on a Girls Trip this summer with some of my show choir director friends. As an adult, I feel like one of the biggest causes of mental health issues in teens is the pressure of social media – putting up a front, being something you’re not, adding filters to try and make yourself look “better” so that you have the validation of likes. The show talks about that and the freedom when you choose to Just Be You!” 

While both of these shows are different in their own unique ways, both groups travel together for competitions, including this past weekend. On January 15, the CHS Showchoirs traveled to Portland, Indiana and competed at the Jay County Show Choir Spectacular. It was a jam packed day of singing, dancing, and supporting other groups. The Drifters left with a second runner up trophy for their division, and the award of “Best Crew” for the Sandpipers. The Sandpipers made it to the finals after preliminary awards, and finished third runner up.

Individuals also took a stand over the weekend with various awards and note-worthy performances. Regarding Drifters, Amelia Roser took home the “Best Performer” award, an award granted to an individual that stood out in a positive way throughout the show. In Sandpipers, Sam Conrad was awarded the best performer. In the Solo Competition at Jay County, students Rylie Dhaemers, Caleb Vannevel, Noah Fletcher, and Lauren Bolla competed; Lauren Bolla wiped the solo competitors away, taking the first place trophy.

Overall, it was a successful weekend for both groups. The CHS Showchoirs will be taking on Pike High School in two weeks!