CHS’ Amazing Internships

Nathan Montoya, Sandscript Author

Chesterton High School offers an internship program, where students can enroll in programs that interest them. An internship is defined as “any official or formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession” by Internships can help students gain experience in real-life work. If a student is considering an area of work where they need extra help and knowledge before they commit to the actual profession, internships allow them to learn about the job first. Internships can also help with making decisions about future careers. If a student decides to use an internship to make a decision about whether or not they should pursue a career, they could be saving themselves precious time finding out what they like and don’t like.  Additionally, it could potentially save students thousands of dollars, if they discover they don’t like something, prior to enrolling at university. Colleges and universities also love to see a student involved in school internships, as that makes them a better candidate. It also shows that the student has gained experience in their chosen field and is committed to the idea of that job.

CHS has a variety of internship categories ranging from beauty and wellness to engineering, science, and technology. One way students can get involved is to talk to their counselor in a meeting about their schedule or make an appointment in the guidance office to talk to them about internship opportunities. If a student decides the program is for them, they will have to request an internship packet, which needs to be filled out before anything else. The packet requires students to write down their name, age, grade point average, career area interest, as well as a signature for permission to travel, have photos taken, medical authorization, from the student and their parent or guardian. Most students involved with the internship program are seniors, however, it is possible to be part of the program as a junior, and continue the internship again as a senior.

 If students have any questions about the internship program at Chesterton, then talk to Coach Mark Peterson, who oversees the whole program, or check out the internship selection guide