The Sandcripts Top News 2021

2021 Leads to Turmoil Heading to 2022


  1. 2021 Election: On January 20th, Joe Biden was elected as the 46th President of the United States. The events leading up to the inauguration were full of political turmoil, riots, and protests. During his inauguration, he brings up many of the controversies in the past that the previous president ignored.
  2.  Afghanistan: A bombing in Afghanistan on August 26th, 2021 killed 13 US Marine Soldiers and at least 90 innocent Afghan citizens totaling over 100 casualties. Veterans, families, passionate Americans, and the president himself were left grieving the deaths of the heroes and citizens who were lost that day. 
  3. Insurrection: On January 6th, the White House was stormed by angry Trump supporters because Trump claimed that the election had been stolen by “emboldened radical-left Democrats”. During this time, rioters assaulted law enforcement officers, broke into the White House and destroyed the insides, and vandalized property. Many people were injured and five people died due to the event.
  4. Palestine and Israel conflict: In May of 2021 Palestinians and Israelis were battling for weeks due to a newly implemented Iserealie movement. The movement prevented Palestinians from participating in gatherings during their celebration of Ramadan. Tension began to multiply and rockets were shot killing 43 Palestinians. 
  5. 20 years later 9/11: September 11th, 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11 where terrorists flew planes into various American buildings. The anniversary enabled most people to reflect on the victims of the attack, the importance of their loved ones, the political state of the country as well as others, and the heroic acts of first responders.
  6. Kyle Rittenhouse: On August 25, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse fatally shot two men, and non-fatally shot another. The shootings happened during the riots that followed the non-fatal shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake, who was shot by a white man. At Rittenhouse’s trial, he was acquitted of the charges of homicide and attempted homicide, and used the affirmative defense of self-defense.
  7. Ellen DeGeneres: September of 2021 marked the last season of Ellen DeGeneres’ show called “The Ellen Show.” The talk show first aired on January 11, 2002, and was truly legendary. However, while her show has ended, Ellen DeGeneres is not yet done with her comedic ways and will do whatever she can to keep entertaining the people who love her.
  8. Texas Deportation: The deportation flights for Haitians are speeding up rapidly. President Biden is responsible for this, and the citizens are being moved back to their homeland.
  9. Britney Spears Conservatorship: After 14 years, Britney was finally allowed some sort of freedom before being completely released from her restricting conservatorship. Her father, who had not only been controlling her finances but also controlling her body and life decisions, stepped down as the conservator and allowed Jodi Montgomery to be the manager until Britney was free from the chains known as her conservatorship.
  10. 2021 Toy shortage: In 2021, there was a shortage of toys, as well as a shortage of workers due to covid cases rising. Not only was there a lack of production and manufacturing, but the products themselves were struggling to make their way to availability. MGA Entertainment CEO Issac Larian told CNN Business “There is going to be a major shortage of toy products this year. The demand is going to be there. What is not going to be there is the product to fill the demand.”