CHS what to do when winter weather hits

Dallas Howard, Sandscript Writer

The snow and tough weather are coming, and students need to be prepared when it comes. Even in Chesterton, it’s bound to happen at some point as the national weather service shows that there is a severe weather warning all the way from Chicago to Gary and even a winter weather warning is slowly creeping up on Chesterton, so either a delay or snow day could be caused by extreme weather conditions where students can’t get picked up safely or can’t drive to school safely, like on the 26th when school was delayed and canceled due to severe temperature drops caused by wind chills. 

It’s suggested that students wake up and do their daily routine just to stay in the habit of things, as students will probably return to school the next day and getting out of habit could ruin an entire day. Check the CHS website for an emergency announcement, which will be clearly visible as it is bright red and displayed as the site opens, or receive a phone call informing them of what will happen that day, ranging from a 30 minute delay to a cancellation.

But if it’s a cancellation, then students should probably check Canvas as a snow day doesn’t always mean there is no work for that day, and if there is work, just complete it on time and make sure it’s done.