Tick Tick… Boom is the Best Netflix Film of the Year!

Tick Tick … Boom has audiences jaws dropped from Andrew Garfield’s excellent performance.

Linnea Sundquist, Staff Writer

The new musical comedy, Tick Tick… Boom, was just released back in November of last year and has already received a golden globe for best actor in a musical or comedy. This movie has received nothing but good reviews and has skyrocketed in popularity since its release. 

The original show, Tick Tick… Boom, was first performed in an off broadway show  in 1991 but later performed in a Broadway production in 2001. The show became an instant success and even though the creator, Jonathan Larson,  wasn’t able to see it come to Broadway during his lifetime, it was still an achievement nonetheless. Larson’s main goal while writing his musical was to show his life while he was discovering how to navigate his way through the musical theater realm during the 90’s as well as shed light on topics like homophobia and multiculturalism in his musicals as well. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the director of Tick Tick… Boom, creates the same musical on screen in such a terrific way while also making it his own. The cast had excellent performances by Andrew Garfield, Alexander Shipp, Robin de Jesús and Vanessa Hudgens.  

The movie obviously has the same plot as the original musical but has scenes being told through Larson’s on stage while also having the scenes being told off stage or “in real life”. We see Larson try to balance his new career choice and important relationships in his life, like his relationship with his girlfriend, Susan and his long lasting friendship with his best friend Micheal. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda casted Andrew Garfield perfectly as Jonathan Larson, in my opinion.  As previously mentioned, the movie won a golden globe for best actor in a musical or comedy for Andrew Garfield’s performance. This was very well deserved for the young actor. I could tell that he knew how to work with his character well while also making Larson’s character spring back into life. Especially when he was singing. Garfield has an amazing voice that truly makes the film that much more enjoyable. Songs like “30/90” and “Therapy” were truly one of my favorite songs that he sings and also probably are the more popular songs displayed in the movie. 

As previously mentioned, the music in this movie was phenomenal. The music went with the flow of the scenes so nicely and fit the mood so easily as well. Once again Andrew Garfield did an incredible job with adjusting his emotions to the song he is singing, especially in one of the final songs, Why. This is one of the more emotional songs in the movie. We learn that Larson’s friend Micheal, played by Robin de Jesús, is HIV positive and that he only has about  a year to live. Larson sings a song about his long lasting friendship with Micheal. This scene truly brought tears to my eyes as I watched it. It was so heartbreaking but at the same time so moving that I couldn’t look away. Andrew Garfield brings such emotion on to the screen and so does Robin de Jesús. 

This film is such a work of art. I wasn’t very aware of Larson’s work when I first watched Tick Tick… Boom but I am so glad that I am more educated on his work, especially after discovering this spectacular movie. This movie was really inspiring and had such a positive outlook on life. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in musicals or wants to watch an inspiring movie to lighten up their day.