Chesterton is Indiana’s #1 Basketball Team

Dedication has led to the victory of Chesterton High School’s basketball team


Caroline Dardeau and Audrey White

Chesterton’s Boys Basketball is number one in the state due to their hard work, dedication, and their sense of purpose. When most around the region look at the Chesterton roster, they see Travis Grayson as a large reason for the team’s success, however, for a team to work, it must have all five parts functioning to their fullest potential. For the Trojans, Chris Mullen, Tyler Parrish, and Justin Sims are all contributors in every aspect of the game. From defense, to scoring, and even sharing the ball, the other players on the Trojans roster are up to the challenges of being number one in the state. The Trojans work as a sum larger than its parts, by implementing each and every athlete as a piece to keep everything running smooth. Mullen and Sims clean up the glass rebounding, while Parrish can function as a shooting guard, or alleviate some of the pressure put on Grayson, and play as a secondary ball handler. Juniors Owen Guest and Sean Kasper have a higher three point percentages, and are utilized as spot shooters in the lineup. The three pointers they connect on are a significant factor in the 400 plus points that the Trojans have acquired. 

Throughout the season, Chesterton has managed wins against Homestead (Ft. Wayne), home to Fletcher Loyer, a top 150 recruit in the nation, committed to Purdue. While Loyer was able to hit the 30 point mark against the Trojans, it came on a lot of shots, one of his worst shooting percentages on the season.  During the holiday break, they took down Noblesville, hosts of their holiday invitational. Finally, this past Saturday, the Trojans defeated Warsaw, rallying in the 4th quarter, after entering the fourth quarter down by three. Warsaw had beaten conference rival and defending sectional champion Valparaiso by ten points. The Trojans will play their highly anticipated game against Valpo on February 18. 

Coach Marc Urban is humbled and honored by the number one ranking they have received and knows it’s because of the undefeated record they have maintained throughout the season. He has a very impressive team that has many ways of beating opponents. 

     “My team starts with our really good senior leadership, we have some young guys who are producing at a high level, and then we have a very, very deep bench that helps us not miss a beat when we sub. That’s a luxury that we have,” Urban stated.

     Urban plans to continue the undefeated season and stay number one in the state. 

     “We have to make sure we are very purposeful and prepared. We need to be detailed every single night, going into every single game, because we are seeing everyone’s best shot. We have to make sure we stick with it and get ready for the tournament,” Urban continued.

     With the end of the season coming closer, the basketball team needs the support of the CHS staff and students. Nothing boosts the performance of the team quite like a loud student section. 

    The basketball team faced Michigan City on Tuesday February 8. The Trojans defeated the Wolves 60-56 after they faced a tough deficit in the first half. On Friday night (2/11) they face the Portage Indians on the road, then finish off the week of games against Hammond Central High School on Saturday night (2/12).

The Sandscript will continue to keep up with the basketball team and wish them the best of luck.